CyberAds Studio - Global software solutions and professional services company with offshore programming and offshore software development center(ODC) in India and China and BPO with technical support help desk services. IT Services include custom software development, programming on wireless and smart card, consulting, training, and staffing with IT consultants and programmers from India, Europe, Brazil, Russia and China

Instruction Process
The CyberAds "5 Step" excellence process guarantees quality learning. Prior to building each course curriculum, instructors conduct a need assessment via the telephone or in person. During the training process, student daily feedback forms are used to fulfill the participants’ immediate training needs. After completion of the training, additional support is provided to the student if needed.

Step 1: Instructor Contact, 2-3 Weeks Prior to Class Delivery

Prior to class delivery CyberAds arranges a in-person or telephone contact between the instructor delivering the course and the customer to determine what, if any, customization is necessary or desired. We again an understanding of the needs of the customer and perform a hi-level skills assessment.

Step 2: Participant Registration Information

Prior to class delivery, CyberAds sends each participant a brief questionnaire regarding participants’ prior subject matter experience, course expectations, and overall learning objectives. Completed questionnaires are then forwarded to the instructor/s to assist with class preparation.

Step 3: Daily Feedback Forms

Daily feedback sheets help the instructor to determine a) if the course is moving at the correct pace, b) if the technical level is consistent with that of the audience’s, and c) if participants would benefit from any additional topics.

Step 4: Course Evaluations

As part of the course completion, participants rate the over-all effectiveness of the training course, the instructor’s subject knowledge level, the instructor’s delivery skills, the quality of course materials, and the applicability of the lab exercises. The client immediately receives the original set of evaluations and copies are sent to CyberAds training team. The training team determines our strongest areas and looks for areas of improvement for future classes.

Step 5: Post Training Support

CyberAds is committed to performing post training support. The client’s project manager and classroom instructor act as valuable resources for any questions or inquiries. Support is available upwards of one year after course completion.