CyberAds Studio - Global software solutions and professional services company with offshore programming and offshore software development center(ODC) in India and China and BPO with technical support help desk services. IT Services include custom software development, programming on wireless and smart card, consulting, training, and staffing with IT consultants and programmers from India, Europe, Brazil, Russia and China

We provide highly customized training based on our understanding of your IT environment, current infrastructure and the skill set of your team. These accelerated learning curriculums are used to quickly bring single-focused project delivery teams up to speed. CyberAds will design and deliver a training program that is coordinated with your organization's development standards and methodologies, allowing students to apply real world knowledge to their job with confidence.

Unlike other training schools, CyberAds adopts and promotes the train-the-trainer approach. Should you like the trainer to stay and interact with your team post-training phase, we can assist in the same. Alternatively, you could also choose to avail of our training facilities at the CyberAds Studio Learning Center in Silver Spring,MD.

Our training offerings are based on our partnerships and alliances with leading-edge software vendors, and are designed to maximize flexibility and value.

CyberAds trainers have several years of experience in the technical training industry. Our training style is highly effective, and our trainers are all professionals in the technical education field, most with years of experience both in the classroom and with applied technology skills.

We believe in a "coaching" approach to training. We try to make sure the students spend most of their time in class actively learning with exercises and labwork.

Our trainers will work along with our course developers during the course development process, and will be ready to teach the software as soon as the courseware is ready. Our trainers are all experienced in customer management and on-site procedures, and are experienced world travelers, used to teaching in any city worldwide. Each of our trainers is an independent agent, who can go to a customer site, set up the classroom, deal with on-site issues like books and software, scheduling and customer communications, and so forth. Our classrooms are second to none.

We can provide classrooms with high-quality computer equipment, running Microsoft or UNIX operating systems, nationwide and in many countries outside of the US. And we guarantee the same high-quality equipment and facility standards everywhere.
Our training model includes:

Train the Trainer
We routinely train our customersí and partnersí trainers so they can deliver the training programs we produce. Our train-the-trainer programs bring trainers up to speed with new technology and with proven classroom techniques.

Web Based Training
CyberAds can develop web-based training, which can be mounted on a web server for subscription-based self-paced training. We can also develop the same training as CBT, computer-based training distributed on CD. These formats have the advantage of flexibility, requiring no instructor, and are accessible by your customers 24/7. We can include audio, video, and complex simulation and animation to enhance the learning experience. When you couple this with email-based question systems, live instructor chat rooms, and peer chats, this can become a powerful learning medium for your organization.

Custom Certification courses
Have you launched a new product in the marketplace. Need to spread the knowledge of your application quickly to all parts of the globe. Call upon CyberAds to undertake the curriculum design and develop certification programs with all necessary testing and measurement elements.

Constant Innovation
We understand the changing and dynamic nature of this industry. A dedicated Curriculum Developer researches and qualifies new courseware for purchase, licensing, or develops/partners with a vendor for courseware ensuring that our courseware standards and materials stay current.