CyberAds Studio - Global software solutions and professional services company with offshore programming and offshore software development center(ODC) in India and China and BPO with technical support help desk services. IT Services include custom software development, programming on wireless and smart card, consulting, training, and staffing with IT consultants and programmers from India, Europe, Brazil, Russia and China

Course Overviews
CyberAds offers more than 25 technical courses to help you prepare your IT staff for professional growth. All course fees are based upon 12 participants at your facilities. We provide instructors and courseware. There are additional costs for instructor expenses and depending upon the course and the amount of customization, there may be an additional charge for courseware.

We can tailor and package or develop an entirely new course based on your IT infrastructure, systems environment and project need. We are well versed with the system integration and can train your team members in the joint offerings presented when several different products are integrated together - Interwoven, Epicentric, Web Logic, Portal Server, Application Server, Oracle, Siebel, Clarify, Tibco, MQ Series, WebMethods, Netegrity, Vignette, Kana, New Channel, Odigo and more.

A brief of our classroom courses offered are:
  • Project Management For IT Pros
  • System Integration in the ebiz space
  • Weblogic application and portal server
  • Knowledge Management with Epicentric
  • Content Management through Interwoven
  • Datadeploy your metadata for personalization and multi-lingual use
  • Transaction Processing and Monitoring for Financial Services
  • Talking to your legacy systems via webMethdods
  • Single customer identification and profiling
  • Global Sales Force Automation through Siebel
Most Popular Class

Challenges and Opportunities of offshore outsourcing

In this class we will walk you through and pinpoint the unique challenges and opportunities available by using offshore outsourcing, including setting up an offshore development center, due diligence for selecting the right vendor and developing a successful transition strategy. We will help you to identify cross cultural issues and identifying which country is best for your outsourcing needs. We will introduce you to the leading players in this market in India, Singapore, Israel and Europe and help you understand the differences and service offerings of each. We will help you understand what it means when a potential vendor advertises itself as operating at one of the SEI CMM levels and what the impact will be on the client organization.