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Smart Card Application Development
CyberAds Studio offshore software development center in India and China assists you with the selection of smart card solutions including smart card software, Smart Cards, smartcard operating systems(JavaOs/MultOS), smart card standards, tools, smart card readers and card printers. We also develop smart card software, customize or install commercial third party smart card solutions such as Windows logon for logical access control, loyalty, biometric or healthcare applications.

Requirement Capture and Analysis
CyberAds Studio, evaluates your business requirement, budget and customer profile demographics before suggesting the smart card operating system. We assist clients to capture technical requirements for smart card systems after careful consideration of their business needs. Then we analyze these requirements to produce detailed specifications, technical architecture and design as required. In many cases this can help identify an already available commercial product that can be used after some customization work.

Development Advisory & Project Management
We advise companies that would like to do their own in-house smart card software and application development about available development tools, smart cards, smart card operating systems, smart card readers and existing solutions. We provide full lifecycle support, with managed handover from solution providers to help clients to achieve a smooth transition to innovative smart card and security technologies.

Card Application Software Development
We develop custom smart card applications according to our client's requirements. We capture those requirements for our clients where necessary. Furthermore, CyberAds Studio ports existing applications to state-of-the-art multi-application operating systems.

For on-card application development of programs that run inside the secure environment of the smart card chip, we highly recommend operationg systems that have bigger market exposure such as JavaCard, JavaOS, MultOS and lately Windows for smart cards.

Multi-Application Smart Card Operating System (MultOS)
A custom develop CyberAds Studio smart card application on MultOS will allow for multiple applications to run on one card adhering to the highest security needs. We develop applications on this platform that can easily be co-branded with others and allow diverse 3rd parties to develop applications that are running on the same card and they will all co-reside both independently and securely.

Developing applications on this platform, allows our customers to create and distribute applications to be loaded on-the-fly and thereby allow an application to change features during its lifetime. For example a student who has been issued a smart card with MultOS on it, can load applications over the Internet. Of course this would require the correct authorization. But the interesting part is that this can happen securely over insecure networks. This way the student can change the set of available applications over the smartcard's lifetime. One day it could contain an electronic purse and a metro travel application. The next day the student will add an electronic key to access the university network. This is extremely beneficial for both, the cardholder and the card issuer.

Java Card development using JavaOS
Using Java's security model enables CyberAds Studio to create multiple applications to coexist securely on the same card using th Java card API. We prefer to create applications on this platform for network access and innovative GSM chips.

Windows Smart Card
We'll get you the system you need. We also customize smart card printers and smart card encoders for your smart card personalization systems.

CyberAds Studio smart card application developers in India and China prefer to use Windows for Smart Card Access Control for logical access control systems with multi-factor authentication. These applications control access within an enterprise providing for a secure remote access to the corporate Intranet and secured web sites with state of the art windows smart card solutions.

Smart Card Manufacturer Evaluation
CyberAds Studio prefer to choose a smart card manufacturer who is FIPS 140-1 Level 2 certified, demonstrates support for 32-bit chip operating systems (COS/Mask) and secure 32K EEPROM storage on-card data storage on one single card with a long expected life span (up to 10,000 read/writes before failure). Chip on card must have On-card key pair generation, Multiple encryption algorithm support, OS supporting multi-applications for customization, both private and public key processed on-card, On-card cryptographic co-processor. Our silicon providers undergo rigorous testing at our smart card deployment center in India to prove security, tamper resistance and interoperapility. All our preffered vendors adher to strict international standards, and provide competitive prices.

Middleware: Enhanced digital identity management tools, including Password Management Utility, User PIN unblocking option and Enterprise certificate option. Support for a complete range of authentication methods and technologies, including password-based, dynamic passwords, VPNs, host authentication, web authorization, building access and PKI.

Smart Card Reader: PC/SC support, USB, serial and PCMCIA versions available, secure PIN entry, secure keypad, secure display, integrated fingerprint scanner.

Custom Smart Card applications CyberAds Studio Smart Card application development microprocessor-based smart cards include: financial, communications, government programs, information security, physical access security, transportation, retail and loyalty, health care, and university identification. Examples of our custom smart card applications include:

Financial Applications
Electronic Purse to replace coins for small purchases in vending machines and over-the-counter transactions. Credit and/or Debit Accounts, replicating what is currently on the magnetic stripe bank card, but in a more secure environment. Securing payment across the Internet as part of Electronic Commerce.

Communications Applications
The secure initiation of calls and identification of caller (for billing purposes) on any Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) phone. Subscriber activation of programming on Pay-TV.

Government Programs
Electronic Benefits Transfer using smart cards to carry Food Stamp and WIC food benefits in lieu of paper coupons and vouchers. Agricultural producer smart marketing card to track quotas.

Information Security
Employee access card with secured passwords and the potential to employ biometrics to protect access to computer systems.

Physical Access
Employee access card with secured ID and the potential to employ biometrics to protect physical access to facilities.

Drivers Licenses. Mass Transit Fare Collection Systems. Electronic Toll Collection Systems. Retail and Loyalty

Consumer reward/redemption tracking
Smart loyalty card, that is marketed to specific consumer profiles and linked to one or more specific retailers serving that profile set with high degree of personalization.

Health Card
Consumer health card containing insurance eligibility and emergency medical data.

University Identification
All-purpose student ID card (campus card) , containing a variety of applications such as electronic purse (for vending and laundry machines), library card, and meal card.

Deployment & Technical Support
We assist our clients with a sound deployment strategy and provide technical support services for their pilot roll-outs to guarantee full satisfaction and acceptance with targeted end-users.

Depending on the manufacturer, a system such as described is built on a fixed-price project engagmement. The price includes smart card, smart card reader and middleware. Discounts start at high volume applications. We assist you with planning, installation, personalization. We also take care of customization work in case you want to extend the functionality of out-of-the-box commercial systems.
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JavaOS/MultOS application on smart cards for e-goveranace, loyalty program, security, and banking applications. Smart Card presentation.

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