CyberAds Studio - Global software solutions and professional services company with offshore programming and offshore software development center(ODC) in India and China and BPO with technical support help desk services. IT Services include custom software development, programming on wireless and smart card, consulting, training, and staffing with IT consultants and programmers from India, Europe, Brazil, Russia and China

Outsource Technical Support Help Desk and BPO
CyberAds Studio Technical Support Help Desk services provides our customers a customized 800# which acts as a seamless extension of their IT department and offers dedicated I.T. tech support with low hold times, quality customer service, and complete customized technical support from our offshore development center.

Whether you are looking for after-hours support, select-hours support, or round the clock 24x7 support, CyberAds Studio provides a full line of support services:

Application Support, Network Admin and Hardware Diagnosis
Technical support for standard corporate applications (MsOffice, Outlook, E-Mail) and enterprise applications (Interwoven, WebLogic, Siebel, SAP, Broadvision, PeopleSoft). First-line support for field personnel and their hardware and network connectivity(internet access, IP address, login problems), including warranty repair/replacement order processing and acting as the first-line of support for internal employees for all technical issues.

Open Source and Proprietary Application Support
This unique service model is tailored to provide the IT and developer community technical support and help desk services of products that traditionally do not have a any company representing it. Open Source products like Apache, PhpNuke, EzPublish, PostNuke, Linux, Red Hat, StarOffice are just some of the products which we support at our help desk. This application support is provided on a per-incident basis.

For Proprietary Application Support, our help desk technicians and CSR agents will act as a front-end your support calls and provide answers to the top ten questions/issues with the proprietary software. CyberAds Studio will maintain a running FAQ of all cases solved by our help desk technicians with this proprietary application and can even route the calls to a 3rd party vendor or consulting company.

This is a cost-effective alternative to direct vendor support, enabling our customers to have a single point of support for multiple vendor technologies.

Service Management Support
Our Help desk allows the Telecom's, ISP's, ASP's, software developers and corporate IT departments to manage and maintain their Internet customers in an efficient and effective way. We can Add new subscriptions, Modify existing subscription information (passwords, e-mail addresses, billing plan, etc.), Institute subscription suspension & cancellation, Active subscriber accounts for the previous month, Provide subscriber statistics (number of users, users per plan, and attrition reports, etc.).

Customer Retention and Loyalty Management (CRM) Service
Our help desk CSR agents can assist customers in servicing online game shows, surveys, high-profile event management and special promotions. The Help Desk team is well qualified on Siebel and can assist the sales team of our customer's and provide them with timely information regarding demographics, call characteristics, geography and product interest.

Operations Center
CyberAds Studio has high-tech call center which is fully staffed with well-trained technicians and supported by a quality team of engineers and IT consultants. Our infrastructure includes a completely redundant fiber-optic backbones ensuring that our phone system and internet access is always online. We have a direct line connection our help desk at our offshore development center in India with an digital access point in UK and USA. From the access point, we can route the calls to any location, including acting as an extension on your corporate telephone directory.

We understand the importance of quality service and strive to provide top-notch service that is friendly, courteous, and helpful at all times, with no exceptions. This commitment to quality is ensured by our Call Center supervisors who constantly monitor and coach our front-line technicians and CSR agents.

Support Definitions
CyberAds Studio Technical Help Desk Support team will provides an efficient escalation process through a multi-tier approach to keep requests routed to a Technician who will find a resolution to a customer's problem. We offer 3 levels of Technical support. Our pricing model and SLA's are defined on these levels:

Tier 1 Support:
Basic application software and/ or hardware support to callers. The contact is available 24x365 and therefore represents a role rather than an individual. The contacts at this level have the ability to call to action engineers and to escalate to management as required, to resolve all categories and severity of incidents.

Tier 2 Support:
More complex support on application software and/ or hardware. The role of the CSR agent is typically that of a Lead Engineer. Escalation to this level is appropriate only when Tier 1 interaction has failed to result in resolution and further action transcends the authority of Tier 1 staff.

Tier 3 Support:
Complex hardware and operating system software and usually involves certified systems engineers. This team is directly under the close supervision of the CyberAds Studio senior management and has all the authority to take actions that fall outside the standard operating policies. Escalation to Level Three is appropriate in cases where Tier 1 and Tier 2 interactions have been unsuccessful in resolving an operational issue.

Offshore Technical Help Desk Support Rates
As a cost-effective alternative to direct vendor support,CyberAds Studio offers two certified, industry standard options for Help Desk Support. The premium option, 7x24x1, provides Help Desk support services, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with a one hour response time. The standard option, 5x12x4, provides Help Desk support services 5 days a week, 12 hours a day, with a 4 hour response time (i.e. 5x12x4). Both service offerings include holiday support.

Before we sign you up for such a service our technical architects will review your system, document your environment and help us gain maximum knowledge of your project. We will quote you a setup fee and ongoing monthly costs following this initial study. We provide all our customers with monthly call tracking and trend analysis.
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Difference is People
Remote Technical Support Help Desk
24X7 Phone and e-mail tech support from our IT consultants based at our offshore development center in India on Interwoven, WebLogic, Oracle, SAP, Broadvision, Clarify, Remedy, Tibco, Siebel, and PeopleSoft.
Our goal is to help enterprises align their IT projects with their overall business strategy and provide maximum return of investment on their technology expenditure.

Our strengths are in Content Management, Portal Development, Custom Software, System Integration, Project Management, Wireless Application Development and Offshore Software Development Center.

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View Corporate and Solutions Presentations and Technical Whitepapers on all our help desk support and application support services.

Want to know more about our Technical Help Desk Support Services. Contact us. We reply within 24 hours and in most cases a custom proposal based on your RFP/RFQ will be send within 10 days.