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Enterprise Portals
As both a strategic consultant and system integrator, CyberAds helps Global 2000 companies meet their complex business needs by optimizing how they use corporate data. In conjunction with best-of-breed technology partners like (Epicentric, Oracle Portal, Viador, BEA portal Server and Sharepoint) enable us to customize and implement innovative, leading-edge solutions that help turn data into accessible business intelligence.

We assess and evaluate the your needs and objectives in relation with current business operations. The areas of maximum improvement potential or areas of maximum benefits to your organization will get focused. Those are the areas where you can focus and benchmark to best organizations in the industry, which eventually leads to a great organizational strategy.
Our J2EE Enterprise Portal development practice focuses on delivering highly targeted information, and allows your employes to make smart decisions and build loyal relationships that support revenue growth and decrease costs. We are focused on maximizing shareholder value through winning, growing and keeping the right customers for a lifetime. Our dream is not to limit ourselves in servicing the business needs of our clients, but to get into a long lasting relationship with them and get going and share rewards by contributing to the growth.

First, we unify all corporate information into a single web-based framework, for maximum consistency across the enterprise. Second, we enable people in various employee, partner, and customer roles to get exactly the information they need, in a format they can readily utilize.

Portals provide a single point of access to web resources and services, benefiting customers, employees, partners, suppliers, or other users in a variety of ways:

Organize content intelligently
Your portal network draws on a single system that stores, retrieves and delivers only the most relevant content to your people.

Utilize more information
Your portal network will integrate categorized legacy data, making valuable, previously underutilized data available to those who need it.

Meet "role-based" needs
Users such as employees, strategic partners, and investors will access information via a "role-based" portal designed to address their specific priorities.

Meet individual needs
Each desktop user can personalize the content that appears on his or her "front page" to meet his or her own unique needs.

J2EE Technical Architecture and Strategy
Design and development of the optimum enterprise portal architecture needs proper evaluation of all the requirements, which we do after assessing all integration alternatives. CyberAds Studio applies best strategy approach to understand and analyze your present business system, and conducts details business analysis with your business executives. CyberAds J2EE Enterprise Portal development team works with your team consisting of technical and management personnel.

We provide support in devising the best game plan suited to your organization's framework and guide you in developing sound strategies that makes the portal and website profitable.

CyberAds J2EE Enterprise Portal architecture helps in building a strategic tool for profiling customer, Segmentation, Sales organization, Time and contact management, sales force automation, marketing and service automation. In short best use of the data available with your back planners in front game strategies.

We are Qualified with Project Experience
Our consulting and programming experience deploying portal solutions is strong. We work with you to assess your information needs, who are your key user communities, what information does each group need, and in what presentation format. In partnership with today's leading portal vendors, we help you determine which solution is the best "fit," and then leverage that solution for maximum benefit.

During implementation, we will ensure that the data you need from "hard" data and "soft" knowledge bases is fully web-enabled and integrated into your portal system. Working with your user communities, we will build a custom set of data views for each role-based group, ensuring that the people who drive your success get all the informational tools they need to make smart, informed decisions.

Consulting Rates
CyberAds Studio's J2EE Enterprise Portal Solution is included as part of a pre-packaged fixed-proice consulting engagement. We also offer custom onsite and offshore consulting rates for your J2EE Enterprise Portal and CRM systems integration projects.
Technologies used at CyberAds Studio
Epicentric, WebLogic, ATG, Broadvision, Oracle, Sharepoint, Brio, Viador, Interwoven, SunOne
J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JavaMail, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, Applets, Java Swing
Tibco, MQSeries
Windows, Linux, Solaris, UNIX
Corel, Debian, Red Hat, Caldera, SuSE, Slackware and Mandrake
Custom Development
PHP, Perl, JSP, Chili!Soft ASP, CGI, C, C++, Python, Delphi, Java
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM dB/2
Mail Servers and Protocols
Sendmail, Qmail, IMAP, POP3 ,Postfix
Webmin, AdminPro, Linuxconf
Development tools
Ant, CVS, Code CO-OP, JBuilder, jikes, IntelliJ, WINCVS, VisualCafe, VisualAge, Visual Slick Edit
WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat, JRun, WebSphere, SoniqMQ, XML Canon, GLUE Apache, SAMBA, Squid, Hylafax, Chili!Soft, Caldera, OpenLinux, eServer
UML, Design Patterns, OOAD/OOP, XProgramming

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