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Content Management Solution Framework
CyberAds Studio's Content Management Framework Solution is designed with an aim to allow technical and non-technical users to create and maintain dynamic website content. The framework supports rules-based publishing, maintains branding across all web properties through XML templating, allowing multi-lingual capabilities and ensuring that the content owners to control the publishing process.

Our CM solution is tailored to suit all budgets and technical requirements. We develop on best-of-breed Content Management products (Interwoven TeamSite, Vignette, BladeRunner, Microsoft Content Management Server, Divine and Documentum) and also provide support for opensource content management products (Zope, Opencms, PostNuke, PhpNuke, eZpublish).

Strong Content Management Experience
Our Content Management solutions experts and XML, Oracle, perl programmers have extensive experience on Interwoven TeamSite, OpenDeploy, DataDeploy, Templating, WorkFlow, Metatagger, TeamCode, TeamPortal and VisualAnnote. Our principals have crafted TeamSite based implementations into J2EE based system integration with WebLogic, WebSphere, Epicentric and Oracle Portal.

We have a strong track record of achieving successful and large scale system implementations. Our principals and founder have devised a Interwoven TeamSite based content management architecture and solution for ABN Amro Bank, Singapore Airlines, Banco Real and CitiBank. Using Interwoven DataDeploy we offered multi-lingual functionality. Interwoven Opendeploy was used to create a central hosting facility at a data center. XML based Templating and Workflow ensured branding and strict adherence to business processes. Interwoven Teamsite's strong version control capabilities allowed these clients to perform site roll back with defined workareas, staging, editions. We integrated our solution into the overall J2EE architecture with the industry-leading application servers, databases, and portal servers from companies such as IBM, Oracle, BEA, Microsoft, Epicentric, Brio, Plumtree, SAP and ATG to achieve personalization, click stream analysis and campaign management on B2B, B2C and corporate portals. Clever use of Metadata capabilities (using Interwoven Metatagger) ensured that the content stayed relevant with the internal and external search engines.

Recently, for a large Fortune 500 firm, we created a channel adapter that allowed Interwoven TeamSite based XML content to be delivered onto multiple channels including websites, print publications, WebTV, PDA and other wireless devices and syndication networks. Smart creation of XML based Teamsite Templates ensured that the cost of content creation at each of these customers was significantly reduced. For example, two business units of the same company spread across the globe were able to share a common asset library that included the image library of the company, common forms and applications and certain commonly used pages like the "about us", "disclaimer", etc.

CyberAds Studio's origins have been in website design. Using our skills in XML and Perl, coupled with our experience in Macromedia Dreamweaver templates (DWT), Our Web Design Studio stands ready to offer custom XML and perl based Interwoven Teamsite Templating.

Read more in our customer case study of content management implementation.

Content Management Solution Framework
CyberAds takes a strategic approach to Content Management, aligning the content management framework with your particular business needs and leveraging existing IT infrastructure. We start with defining your eBusiness strategies, your operational processes, and your on line and legacy information sources. Working together, we identify the ideal software solutions and determine how to best customize your applications. Our Content Management Framework Solution includes:

Content Aggregation
Capture all content necessary for delivering a compelling Web experience, including database, file system assets, application code, and XML.
Content Collaboration
Accelerate all eBusiness initiatives with virtualization and parallel development.
Content Management
Extend contribution throughout the enterprise with versioning, templating, and workflow without a loss of operational control
Content Intelligence
Leverage enterprise Web assets across multiple initiatives and applications.
Content Distribution
Control the multi-tiered delivery of content across multiple servers, devices, and initiatives both within and beyond the enterprise.

Content Management Development Methodology
CyberAds Studio offers a variety of services to assist with any phase of your content management project from initial need analysis to post implementation support. We apply Industry Best Practice Analysis and Vendor Evaluations to help choose the right content management product for your company. In a linked e-business world, its important to distribute content and data across multiple web properties. We evaluate and define your Content Syndication Architecture and ensure that your solution is well targeted towards a Wireless Distribution (WAP/WML) and top placements on search engines using Metatagger.

We analyze you current data distribution model and create a Universal Data Distribution Solution for Enterprise Code and Content deployment to your production, QA and staging servers. Through the CyberAds Studio's Content Management Solution Framework using Teamsite and Opendeply we automate and synchronize the secure, reliable distribution of any content type to multiple servers. This reduces distribution costs by an average of 50% and eliminates inefficient, manual, customized distribution processes prevalent in Internet-application environments. Using an open architecture we setup Interwoven Opendeploy to distribute application code and content managed in any repository or file system to any network destination, including file servers, databases, application servers and edge devices.

CyberAds Studio's Content Management Framework Solution on Interwoven TeamSite offers full reporting capabilities to provide a traceable snapshot of code and content activity, which can be archived and used for troubleshooting, and audit-readiness for ISO and GXP compliance.

Our Methodology captures our collective knowledge and expertise in a set of best practices that ensure implementations exceed expectations. We use a balanced approach to project management, architectural design and technical implementation to build a competitive advantage for our customers and partners. Our Methodology is flexible enough to meet your unique requirements.

Data Conversion and Content Migration
CyberAds Studio offers a wide range of data conversion services including document analysis, schema design and data migration to help translate legacy data to XML (Extensible Markup Language) or developing conversion scripts to dynamically generate HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Our data modeling consultants conduct detailed design sessions to determine the optimal data integration strategy. CyberAds Studio consultants have experience in interface design, style sheet customization and DTD configuration in many XML authoring and management tools. Our consultants have years of experience converting legacy data from such formats as RTF, WP, MS-Word, and HTML to parsable SGML, XSL or XML files.

Support Model
We run and manage an Interwoven TeamSite Help Desk Support from our offshore development center in India and China. Using this Help Desk, companies count on us to administer the enterprise application, provide day-to-day TeamSite template, workflow and Opendeploy configuration, administrative perl and Datadeploy scripting and Interwoven TeamSite Monitoring services.

We run a good message board for all your TeamSite problems. This message board is often frequented by content management experts around the world. We also offer custom training on Interwoven Teamsite Administration, TeamSite Templating, Opendeploy, DataDeploy and business-user overview training.

Consulting Rates
CyberAds Studio's Content Management Solution Framework is included as part of a pre-packaged consulting engagement to help you get a basic content management system up and running. We also offer custom onsite and offshore consulting rates for your content management and Interwoven TeamSite implementation projects.

Interwoven Teamsite Message Board
Frequented by content management experts, this Interwoven TeamSite Message Board is your answer to all questions regarding Interwoven TeamSite, OpenDeploy, DataDeploy, Metatagger, Visual Annote, TeamCode, TeamPortal and multilingual with DataDeploy and integration with WebLogic, Oracle Portal, ATG, Epicentric, PlumTree and WebSphere.

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Custom J2EE Architecture Solutions
Our goal is to help enterprises align their IT projects with their overall business strategy and provide maximum return of investment on their technology expenditure.

Our strengths are in Content Management, Portal Development, Custom Software, System Integration, Project Management, Wireless Application Development and Offshore Software Development Center in India and China.

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