The wound care market differs from many medical product markets because wound care is significantly a broad-based market.

Patients with chronic wounds are not typically admitted to care facilities during their entire course of treatment. Accordingly  product utilization must be designed to allow for patient application.

Technologies which rely on complicated procedures  will likely result in increased costs and lowered efficiency. Wound treatment products must be able to perform on various type of wounds in numerous care giver circumstances. Otherwise, the product has limited utility.

BioCore's easy - to - follow application protocols bridge the confusion gap created by competing products, increasing ease, product utilization and efficiency.

BioCore's Kollagen products have been utilized in the treatment of over thousands of wounds in the field, ranging across all wound types & application settings.

Patients with pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and traumatic wounds represent a few of BioCore’s major market segments in India. Projections indicate that these patient populations will continue to increase rapidly in the 21st century. As the population grows and Indians live longer, there will be an increased demand for effective and affordable wound care.

BioCore’s KollagenTM wound management products offer health care providers a strong technological foundation to meet growing patient needs. This overview provides a snapshot of the current wound care market in India.

Pressure Ulcers 
  • Approximately 4.2 million pressure ulcer patients. 
  • A 5% growth in pressure ulcers is expected between 1997-2000.
Diabetic Ulcers
  • Approximately 86 million people with diabetes. 
  • Approximately 8 million diabetics have foot ulcers. 
  • A 14% growth in diabetic ulcers is expected between 1997-2000.
Traumatic Wounds 
(surgical incisions and burns)
  • Approximately 5.2 million burn injuries annually. 
  • 81 million orthopedic and reconstructive surgical procedures. 
  • A 3% increase in general surgeries and a 1% growth in burn cases between 1997-2000.
This diversity demonstrates the ease of use, as well as the efficacy of the product. There are currently not and better objective determinations of the efficacy of their wound care products than the changed lives, saved limbs and saved lives of the patients.

Furthermore, these positive results are obtained in a cost-effective manner, benefiting both the physician and the patient.

BioCore does have extensive clinical study results relating to the efficacy of its Kollagen technology. In all of the studies, BioCore's technology healed wounds in a quicker fashion than many expected.

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