Bollywood or tinsel town, 
Known for its heroes and heroines 
Who with their larger than life persona 
Their magnetism and charisma, 
Has been a source of great admiration 
For all generations 
Starting from the 30's 
Till now, more recently, in the 90's
The supporting actor, the comedian 
The vamp and the villain 
The musicians and the singers 
And of course the director, 
With their stunts and emotions 
Though often out of proportion, 
Continue to hold us in awe 
And many a heart they thaw
Now, we at CyberAds, 
Fulfil your heartfelt wishes, 
And your dreams of getting closer 
To your favourite film stars 
With the launch of Bollywood Central 
A new website which will cast a spell 
Bind you with cine magic 
By which one and all are fascinated 
So, folks have a bond reciprocal 
With superstars through Bollywood Central!
A new website, Bollywood Central [] has been launched in September by CyberAds Studio. The aim of this website is to promote and showcase the film industry and offer film stars, fans and designers a platform to communicate with one another. In contrast to ther websites, Bollywood Central is techno-jazzy in nature, has a superior design & layout and offers its users a better opportunity for a closer interaction. Its originality and technological excellence is evidenced by the fact that it has already bagged the prestigious Asia Pacific Award for Excellence in Web design from Singapore Telecom on September 25, barely within a week of its launch.   
Bollywood Central is exhaustive in nature & offers more than 300 photographs of the most sought after film stars; has more than 180 audio songs, film reviews, and much more. Of special significance is the Mulakat section. Here, a popular film star is profiled in depth so that fans get an insight into his or her leisure time activities the likes, dislikes and so on. The well defined chat station and online forum have been very active since the launch of the website. People having the same love for theentertainment industry converse with one another through the chat station.   
This well designed website also offers an ongoing membership programme for the benefit of the film industry as well as the fans.   
Persons who are interested in becoming members should   
  • Currently be hosting and desiging a Bollywood / entertainment related site  
  • Have an eye for technology/innovation and web surfing  
  • Love India and the film industry.  
Members can avail of discounts from corporates and industries leaders. Members also get preferential display. Once an individual becomes a member, he or she enjoys several benefits like:   
  • Associating with like minded individuals all over the world  
  • A host of free offers from several well known Indian companies  
  • Getting `Official news' relating to the film industry and `official pictures' from the cine stars  
  • Automatic enrollment in the `Bollywood Central' awards programme.  
  • A personal voice in Bollywood  
  • Have the ability to host mirror sites  
CyberAds Studio will shortly open Bollywood central affiliates all over the world. These local chapters will be responsible for supervising and monitoring sites and designers in that particular locality. They will also present awards to the top sites in their area.   
So point your browsers to Bollywood Central and enjoy the hospitality provided by the designers at CyberAds Studio.   
CyberAds Studio which has launched Bollywood Central, is already known to create state-of-the-art web sites, digital content and web based advertising. CyberAds Studio assists in all areas of web techniques in HTML programming and are capable of intricate CGI scripting. It specializes in designing web sites that are rich in content, visually appealing, interactive and addictive.  

For additional information : Contact Rohit Bafna

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