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N.S. Bendre
N. S. Bendre (also known as NS Bendre) is one of the most respected painters in India today.

His accomplishments are many and he has traveled and exhibited widely. He has been widely collected and his reputation and popularity continue to grow.

Collected on this site are paintings that span more than fifty years of N.S. Bendre’s highly successful career as a painter.

He continues to travel in India in search of "Common" folk and landscapes which eventually translate into the magical canvases that art lovers around the world have come to enjoy and admire.

This web site is by no means an exhaustive biography of this well-known artist. For those who have followed Bendre’s career and admired his work, it can be seen as a distillation of his life.

At the age of eighty, Bendre continues to paint at his studio and residence at Kalanagar, Bombay.

signature of N.S. Bendre, a leading indian art painter

a N.S. Bendre painting

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