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Paintings in Collection
· Studio Annja, Scottsdale, AZ
· Westin Stamford Hotel, Singapore
· Westin Plaza Hotel, Singapore
· Embassy of France, Singapore
· Royal Norwegian Embassy, Singapore
· Ministry of Communications & Information, Singapore
· Ministry of Urban Development, Singapore
· Alliance Francaise, Singapore
· Mighty Minds, Singapore
· Festival of Arts Pte. Ltd., Singapore
· International Archives of Concrete Poetry, Selbe
· India House, Bonn
· Centre d' Beffroi, Tours
· L' Cinemathique, Tours
· Galerie Anne Marie Rey, Nice
· Lycee Technique Estienee, Paris
· Centre for Contemporary Arts, Turin
· Canberra University, Canberra
· Frank Brothers, New Delhi
· Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi
· Bell Ceramics, New Delhi
· Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Delhi
· Bharat Carbon & Ribbon, New Delhi
... and with numerous private collectors in France, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, India and USA.

There is no temple other than existence itself first. Whole is what is holy, and this whole journey is like back home. Wisdom is not knowledge but it is the Insight the clarity, the basic value system which brings profoundness.
- Geeta Vadhera
Contact the artist directly at:
B35, Sector 40, Noida
U.P. 201303, India

Geeta Vadhera
I have been painting for more than 20 years now. I have painted on canvas, on paper, on photographs, on wood, on glass, and even on a body! I have been trained as a painter in the Delhi School of Art and have had the privilege of working on solo exhibitions across several countries and with several people in the course of my career.

Sometimes, people come to me and ask , "What do your paintings mean?", or "How do I appreciate your art?". Alas, there is no formula that I am aware of. The meaning, if any, is within you, the viewer. It's a function of your own experiences. Often the "meaning" is wordless. I am reminded of a zen koan - the zen master keeps filling the cup of tea for his pupil until it overflows and more. The pupil says, "Stop master.. it is full, it cannot take any more"; to which the master responds, "Yes, and until you empty it, there would not be any space for more". So, empty your self. Take some time and view the work. If there is something which invites you, look deeply. Maybe there is something you find -?

The experience, or impact, is what I attempt to paint. As I experience life in its many forms, there are some moments which leave their own indelible impact on me. A visual impact, a presence which haunts me until I have exorcised it by putting my brush to the canvas. Each of my works has its own moment of association and raison d'Ítre. I paint to relate my inner self, my space, to this association.My invitation to my audience is to allow just that much space to view, or to relate to, a canvas so that the painting of a tree isn't just bark and leaves, so that the sea isn't a body of water. Maybe you discover the lushness within the tree, or, perhaps the depth of a soul within the sea. This may not necessarily be the moment I had in mind when I painted, it may just be your own moment. Perhaps there is a subliminal association.

Yes, there is always the other way of appreciation of Art. Is the hand in proportion to the head? Does the face look real? Or surreal? Is the colour-scheme appealing? Is the theme arresting?... it's a long list...In fact, I've written a series of books on this subject. But to see only this, is to see the form and not the content.

Ever noticed it when you go to a gallery, view a painting and feel entranced? Why is it that we spend so much time in appreciating that one piece in the entire show? We say, "This painting strikes me", without knowing fully why. Perhaps there has been a wordless association of a memory which has made you relate to the same visual as the artist? This response, when evoked, is my greatest reward as an artist. That's when I know that I am successful.

This is me. And then there are some moments, associations and landmarks which define and shape us over the years. This webpage is an attempt to outline some of these.

  • Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, London
  • BFA, Delhi College of Art.
  • Indian Classical Vocal Music, Allahabad Advanced Photography, Lycee Technique Estienee, Paris. CEE, Design (Visual Communication), IIT, Bombay
  • 30 solo exhibitions of paintings across Europe, Australia, South East Asia and India.
  • Research in Concrete Poetry, International Archives, Selb, Germany. Plates of the works have been permanently preserved
  • Running own art gallery - Studio Geeta Vadhera - in Noida, a suburb of New Delhi
  • Illustrator of books for children. Over 1000 books illustrated for publishers in Europe, South East Asia and India
  • Design assignments for Christan Dior, Paris and Treasey Loewe, London. Chief Designer and Fashion Co ordinator, Export Division, Central Cottage Industries Corporation, New Delhi
  • Creative planner, Festival of Arts, New Delhi - produced curtain raiser audio visual - which was presented to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, then Prime Minister
  • TV producer with Doordarshan India - produced weekly "Arts Diary"Radio producer with All India Radio and BBC New Delhi
  • Released Book titled " Ansh"; an anthology of poems based on Concrete Poetry. Designed series of 5 books - "An Introduction to Art" conceived and designed for children
  • Awarded Bharat Nirman Award for important contribution in the field of Art, New Delhi
geeta vadhera

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